Professionally and on time

Implementation of transportation in our country is our specialization , which we have been since the inception of the company. Thanks to our experience undoubtedly have developed a strong position in the domestic transport industry, as evidenced by the number served by us, we satisfied customers.

During the planning of the logistics route, we take into account the quality of roads, as well as the length of the route. We guarantee our customers express delivery of goods at the indicated location within 24 hours from receipt of goods .

We guarantee delivery of goods regardless of its specificity, always on time. Transported by our goods are delivered intact.

Experience quality of service

We have a well equipped fleet of cars that are fully adapted to the needs of customers. Conducted regular technical inspection of cars, as well as quality tests that determine the level of security of transported goods . By detecting even the smallest deviations from the standards, immediately remove all defects. All our drivers have the necessary training and courses, authorizing them to perform their duties.

The experience gained during many years of work in the profession allows them to implement the appropriate procedures and rules, both on the road and at work related to the loading of the goods. Thanks to the tracking and contact with the driver, you have the knowledge about the extent of the contract and are kept informed of any irregularities .