Mixed cargo

Mixed cargo is a special department of forwarding and logistics. The biggest problem associated with it is that it has a much smaller size than the bulk . Further characterized by a variety of external dimensions.

Very often the charges are drobnicowymi finished products or processed products that have a fixed form. Some products have short expiry dates or require special temperature conditions . Our company guarantees the adjustment of the conditions of carriage for the most demanding loads.

Mixed cargo transportation

Mixed cargo often becomes part of the bulk, ie. In order to make maximum use of the loading space, individual pieces are combined into one load, then in such a way transported to a designated location. The groupage cargo is possible to isolate such. One commodity of the whole cargo.

Sometimes the load does not have any outer packaging or is such. In boxes or baskets. Therefore, we do our best to transported goods is not damaged during transport.

Ze względu na różnorodność wymiarów zewnętrznych lub ich niewymiarowym kształtom, ich transport, a przede wszystkim umieszczenie w przestrzeni ładunkowej, jest niezwykle problematyczne.

Due to the diversity of external dimensions or shapes niewymiarowym, their transport and, above all, placing in the load, it is extremely problematic.

We use cutting-edge logistics solutions that allow you to maximize the quality of service, while minimizing the costs of their implementation. We modify our services under the current situation and specification of the order.