Implementation of international orders require greater commitment on the part of the shipping company, due to several very important aspects:

Distance: we offer transport performed throughout Europe. Because of the long distances, it is worth remembering that this type of transportation takes much longer than in the case of implementation in our country. Of course, all terms are always agreed with the customer.

Law regulations: realizing transport in other countries, it is necessary that you go through with the law on its premises. The company Lynx Logistic offers that are always in full compliance with all sorts of requirements and laws in the country. In any case, we care about having the necessary documentation.

Connectivity: do not give up The Possibility of prompt delivery to the customer , even beyond the borders of our country . We care about the quality of communications and on an ongoing basis that inform the client in case of any inconvenience occurred during transportation.


Law regulations


International transport

Due to the increased difficulty in the implementation of international transport , we offer our experience and expertise in logistical planning for this type of transport. With us , it is possible to execute the course, which will be the most cost-effective , without lossy space or additional costs.

Using our advice is completely free and is carried out in the framework of the transport service – accurately plan the most cost-effective international courses is for us as important as their performance.