Adapting to the needs of service


Cargo transportation has changed over the last few years. Currently, transport services are fully customized to the needs of customers. This results in new branches forwarding, which a few years ago were not feasible.

The result of these changes is f.e. transportation of partial loads. It enjoys a special interest clients who have a payload that does not fill the entire space surface car, and they care about the quick transport and delivery of goods in the selected location. Then the product can be associated with load another customer in order to fill the space and to minimize transport costs. Loads are always combined in such a way that its specifics were similar as possible.

Transportation partial requires good planning logistics carrier to cargo was delivered on time, but also, where possible, to fill the remaining empty space. In terms of the services we offer thoughtful solutions, best for the client, but also profitable for the business of our company.


Groupage have many positive aspects:

  • They allow quick transport of goods to the designated location

  • Security system is used , which guarantees the supply of the goods without any damage

  • They are done over long distances , also outside the borders of our country

  • minimization of courses in the case of a merger of goods

  • it is possible to trace the goods