Benefits of full loads

We have a well equipped fleet of freight cars that meet all standards and requirements, both technical and ecological. Furthermore, they are fully adapted to the diverse requirements of our customers, as well as to conditions that can be found on the roads of national and international.

To fully adapt to the needs of customers using our services, we have included in our offer full truck loads. It is based on the customer buying all space vehicle, regardless of what area will transported goods. This solution allows for the resignation of logistics planning, as well as the causes, it is not necessary to place an additional load in order to fill the whole capacity of the car.

Carload perform over long distances in our country as well as abroad. For this reason, we recommend this service to customers for whom time is of the delivered goods, regardless of its quantity.

Safety of transport

Carload , although often means the carriage of goods without filling the entire cargo space, does not mean the increased risks associated with the transport of goods . We provide the highest quality of security , so that our customers can be confident that their product will not be damaged or any modifications. We use high-end security , so that transport quality is flawless , and the goods are delivered in the same condition in which it was received.